► Does the insurance provider require a referral from a physician before they will start covering the cost of therapy?

     We do not require a referral, but some companies will not make payments without it. 

► What is your yearly coverage?

     This can vary considerably from one plan to another. 

► Is your coverage limit per-person or per-family?

     In the case of per-family coverage, if only one member is in therapy, you may be able to use the entire family's allottment.

► When does the annual coverage reset?

     This is often at the end of the calendar year, but some companies restart their benefits in April/May, while others reset on your coverage anniversary date. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Costs

Psychological services are not covered by OHIP, but are covered by most extended health benefits plans. We recommend that you seek out the following information from your insurance provider:

► How much does each hour of therapy cost?

     Prices range between $200 and $225 depending on the clinician. 

► Is there a difference in cost for family or individual therapy?

     No. The cost is the same, regardless of the number of participants.

► Can you bill my insurance company directly?

      We can direct bill Green Shield, Blue Cross, Canada Life, most long-term disability plans, WSIB, NIHB for First Nations and Inuit (Health Canada). Please contact our office and our administrative staff can help determine whether we can bill your insurance company directly. 

► How much does an assessment (psychoeducational, cognitive testing, adaptive functioning, etc.) cost?

      The cost of an assessment depends on a number of factors. A full psychoeducational assessment costs $2,800. This typically involves a minimum of 8 hours of testing. A feedback session and a written report will be provided at the conclusion. Depending on your specific requirements, less comprehensive assessments may be appropriate at a significantly lower cost. Please contact our office to discuss your needs.